Dear LeBron,

Four years ago, you wrote a love letter to Northeast Ohio to announce that you were coming home. Every day since, you’ve lived that letter. In it, you captured the soul of this city and the essence of our people. You wrote of our grit, our challenges and our heart. You wrote that winning here would matter more than in other places.

You understood the impact you could have by leading off the court. You said you wanted to give hope. You said you wanted to inspire. Your closing, so perfectly stated, has become our mantra: "In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have."

The world knows what happened next.

You came home. You worked. We won. We were inspired. No Clevelander, past or present, can ever forget your gut-wrenching cry after Game 7, “Cleveland, this is for you!” In ways no one who is not of this place can ever understand, it was. And, it is. It was earned.

LeBron, this is for you.

Simply put, you delivered. You did so while doing so much for this community and its children. What you gave can never be taken. We send you off with gratitude and in awe. And, knowing Northeast Ohio will always be home.


P.S. We had a blast.

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